4-19-2017 instr piano solo Gh Mf 002_edi



what is Grasshopper Moonflower about?  we are about having a good time, dancing, shaking your thang, and enjoying a moment of presence in the grace of the muse, Oshira, Goddess of Freedom and Ganja.  or , just plain old musicating  , musical conversating, a spontaneous outburst of joy

the Rule of Freedom:   Don't hurt no one, but have fun  IS the Rule  of Freedom to be   IN a Free country

                                           Don't let no one say different HalleluJah  it's a Free Country WE can all be Happy and Free

                                 IS  the Rule of Freedom to be

the Will of Oshira is that we all  will be Free , NOW,  at this moment,  to be our fullest expression of being and Love.

Love is the Law,  Love is the only way.



who is Grasshopper?

coming to  you live from an undisclosed location in the deepest mystery of magical music making is a small insect that rubs its hind legs



what is Moonflower?

we are committed to making the best music you will hear,  in analog whenever possible, the reel deal, the good stuff,  smoke up and enjoy

Do you got something to shake? you better

sh sh   shake it


moonflower is a project in the dreams of Grasshopper , whose songs are provided to the band for use to help you move that posterior


Grasshopper plays acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass guitar,  sings songs, composes suites, and plays with tape

                     Grasshopper has also been known to play piana,  which he will neither confirm nor deny





a - ha